North India – The Land of Art and Culture

When one hears the name ‘India’, the mind gets filled with images of fascinating architectural works, spicy street food and diverse culture.  India is truly an incredible country. It is no doubt, India is famous among the travellers due to its diverse culture, remarkable hospitability and off course Taj Mahal, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Apart from that, it also offers a vast diversity in art and its culture. It is the home of thousand year old sumptuous sculptured monuments, temples, and rich heritage. India has an astonishing variety of culture and geographical features, stretching from the beautiful valleys, majestic monuments, blistering deserts, to the folk tales of sacrifices, grand festivals and colourful culture.

India is an ancient land of glorious history where vast empires rose and fell; and great religions were born. Each part of the country has its own history that enthrals the mind of the visitors and makes its presence more special and beautiful. The Monuments are not simply a piece of majestic architectural work but also hold the great stories of love, heroism, devotion and passion, which add soul to them. India has it all! The example of never ending love, Taj Mahal whose beauty is admired by thousands of tourists from all over the world; The Chittaurgarh Fort, Birthplace of Maharana Pratap which stand as a syombol of the sacrifice of the great warrior king, which was made for the freedom of his motherland, etc. The best way to experience India is through famous Golden Triangle that covers one of the best corners of India. This route is also preferred by most of the tourists.

One of the most popular places in India among the tourists is Rajasthan, the birth land of heroic Rajputs. Each monument of Rajasthan embraces the history of wars fought, sacrifices made and its heritage. The men in colourful turbans, wandering balladeers from different communities such as Dholis and Dhandhis singing the Marwari folk tales, add voice to these monuments. The best flavours of the Rajasthan’s folk tales are savoured during the regional festivals like The Pushkar Fair, Desert Fair and Marwar Festival. It is the best time to experience the true culture of Rajasthan.

India never fails to amaze its visitors from all over the world. It offers them great flavours of food, history and culture. It is nearly impossible to visit and experience the beauty of all the corners of glorious India in one go. Therefore, people usually prefer Golden Triangle tour packages, in order to cover the best. The Golden Triangle tour packages cover the beautiful Taj Mahal (Located in the city of Agra), and other glorious monuments, Delhi and the humble Pink City. Tourists prefer the Golden Triangle because they are able to cover prominent destinations in a short span of time. This package is also famous among the Indians who did not get the chance to admire the beauty of their own land!

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