India Tours

India � An invitation to Incredible Country

India is the base of world's ancient and richest civilisations, this is a bouquet of historical monuments, local arts, Culture, traditional dances, live theatre performance, music and philosophy, that have roots from millennia of history. Several Rulers including Mughal dynasty left their inscriptions on Indian culture, architecture and art while britishers left their modern infrastructure.

India has immense land enriched in diversity, truly an exotic holiday destination for the all kind of travelers traveling to India from across the world including the domestic travellers too. People of diverse culture and languages have been flocking to this incredible country since the ancient time.

India�s geography is equally impressive from its snow-covered Himalayas to the lush verdant mountains of munnar and vibrant backwaters of kerala, from exotic tiger habits of Kanha bandhavgarh National Park to the sandy deserts of Rajasthan. India is full of surprises; during the summer there are several hill stations to acclimate with its refreshing resorts amidst the mountains, with huge Water falls, tall peaks to defeater and stretches of white water while during the winters cheered with the culture feasts of live music and dances.

Whenever time comes to choose an India Tours, always credit goes to include choose one of the Seven Wonders of the World TAJ MAHAL built by the great Mughal emperor in the memory of his most favorite wife, then its time to extend their trip to the other interesting parts of India which depends on travellers interest, length of their trip and their budget too. Then, Travellers may choose either Rajasthan, Kerala or Rick Wildlife of India to see the Tigers in their natural habitat

Rajasthan, the treasure house of india�s rick history and heritage. Some of the major cities of Rajasthan are Jaipur known as the Pink City, Jaisalmer known as the Golden City due to the Golden color of desert around the city, Jodhpur known as Sun City due to its sunny weather round the year as well as popular as the Blue City due to the Brahmin�s (High caste in India) Blue painted house and the city of Lakes Udaipur. If traveling to Rajasthan then must visit these cities to know more about Rajasthan�s Rich history and heritage.

Kerala which is popularly famous all over the world for its natural beauty, refreshing hill stations, immense culture, Calm backwaters, wildlife etc. It is globally recognized for its captivating and remarkable tourism. No doubt if we say Kerala a paradise on earth. Every year, especially during the winters millions of tourist come to visit kerala from all over the world. The Major Touristic cities of Kerala are Kochi, Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Alleppey, Kumarakom, Kovalam, Kollam, Trivandrum, Verkala, Calicut and there are several small town which have their own charm.

Wildlife India Tour is one one of the most prominent tours of India. India's wildlife is rich and diverse with its more than 500 Wildlife centuries and National Parks where travellers can easily spotted walking tigers in their natural way.

Travellers may search online for any kind of India Tour packages in India, just google whatever you want to experience in India�