Best Time to visit Delhi Agra Jaipur or Golden Triangle India

Delhi welcomes visitors from across the globe throughout the year, but you will fall in love with the city if you visit it from October to March. Delhi�s weather is extremely varied; with scorching hot and dry summer to chilly winter when the temperature drops down to 3�C. During the day temperature rises beyond 45�C from April to the end of June and at the peak of winter there is a severe fall in temperature.

In January, the temperature drops and a dense fog envelops the city. By the onset of February, flowers blossom making the city beautiful. If you want to see the cultural events then winter is the best time to come here. Delhi comes to life culturally with music concerts, art show, stage shows during these months.

Agra is the city that shelters one of the World�s Seven Wonders, the Taj Mahal that attracts tourists throughout the year. If you are pondering over the question of what the right time would be for the visit then the best time to visit this city of great historical importance is between November and March when the weather becomes quite pleasant. Winter is the best time to visit Agra and its beginning is marked by the onset of November and lasts till March. The average temperature lies between 8�C to 14�C during winter season which is a moderate temperature for sightseeing. In the month of February the festival Taj Mahotsav, as it is popularly called, is celebrated for 10 continuous days and if you are a lover of art, craft and culture you can�t skip a visit to this place.

Summer in Agra starts from the month of April and lasts till July and the mercury reaches 46�C, so if you visit Agra during this time, it is advisable to wear cotton clothes and carry water bottle and enjoy the mesmerizing sights of the city. August marks the beginning of monsoon and if all you want is to enjoy a cup of tea after gazing the Taj during the spell of rain, then the rain can boost your traveling spirit.

The climatic conditions of Jaipur comprises three seasons; winter, summer and monsoon. The Pink City has a warm climate, but October to March is the best time to visit. October is one of the most suitable months for tourists because there is moderate sunlight and breeze that makes going to places of interest enjoyable during the day. Winter begins in the month of November and lasts till the end of February and during the season the night temperature falls down upto 4�C.� Jaipur Literature Fest and Elephant festival organized during the month of January and March respectively attract many visitors from all over the world.�� You can also go out during evening as the weather remains nice. April to June constitutes the summer season and the mercury soars up to 47�C making sightseeing difficult. But if you want to enjoy rain in the desert city then visiting during July to September is advisable, Plan you Delhi Agra Jaipur Tours India between October till March if you wish to enjoy your trip less than 25�C and make your Delhi Agra Jaipur holiday memorable which is the soul of Indian Tourism you can say and widely known as Golden Triangle India a journey through the historical cities of the country.

During visiting October till March, you may have a glimpse of Indian festivals such as Diwali - the festival lights. Holi � the festival of colors,� the biggest cattle festival of the world which attracts thousands of tourist from across the world, Raksha Bandhan � the festival of Brother and Sisters, Gangaur festival and much more during your Trip.