Golden Triangle with Amazing cities to visit

No doubt, Golden Triangle India is the most sought tour of Northern part of India as it cover’s the most beautiful cities i.e. Delhi Agra and Jaipur. Every tourist love to visit this tour as it is full of culture, tradition, history, scenic beauty, architecture, fort and palaces, colorful city bazaars to shop, peoples in traditional colorful dresses and much more which we may expect on touring of these magnificent cities of northern India.

golden triangle India
golden triangle India

If travelers have more time to explore, then there are several options according to our travel needs and requirements. Here we discuss some of the most visiting cities which can be seen along with Golden Triangle or Agra Jaipur Tour India to engage yourself and make you’re your North India Holiday a memorable one.

  • Golden Triangle with Udaipur – one of the beautiful tour for those who love’s to see the historical fort and palaces along with the natural lakes of Udaipur.
  • Golden Triangle with Varanasi – the best tour for those who wish to have a dip on the holy river of ganges along with the golden triangle India.
  • kashmir
  • Golden Triangle with Kashmir – The best way to explore the beauty of Kashmir Valley (Srinagar – Pahalgam – Gulmarg – Sonmarg) along GTI Tour.
  • kerala
  • Golden Triangle with Kerala – the most selling tour of India, you can say that it is a combined tour (Golden Triangle + Kerala), covering the beautiful kerala along with the history of GTI tour.
  • Ranthambore
  • Golden Triangle with Ranthambore – wish to contact eye to eye with the Bengal tiger and other wild animals, the must choose this tour. The best for wild lovers.
  • Amritsar
  • Golden Triangle with Amritsar – one of the best tour to cover the biggest sikh temple Golden Temple (Harmandir Saheb) along with GTI Tour.
  • Nepal
  • Golden Triangle with Nepal – If you choose this tour, then you will have a chance to see the beauty of Nepal along with the history of GTI
  • Shimla
  • Golden Triangle with Shimla – love to see snow fall, then this tour may suites your requirements which can be offered by Toy Train to Shimla or by road.

Golden Triangle India which is often called as Delhi Agra Jaipur Tours India have many options to choose according to our travel needs and requirements which makes our India holiday more memorable.

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